Kelexo Advantage

Kelexo introduces numerous benefits to both the peer-to-peer lending sector and the decentralized finance landscape such as:


All loan details and investment terms are stored in the smart contract, publicly available on the blockchain and cannot be altered. This adds an additional layer of transparency to the P2P lending market.

Credit Accessibility

Kelexo Enables credit accessibility by securing digital assets on the blockchain and providing customized funding solutions, enabling lenders and borrowers to connect regardless of their location


Kelexo unleashes liquidity in digital assets by employing fractionalized ownership and a crowd-lending model. This facilitates swift loan acquisition for borrowers and allows lenders to own fractional stakes in loans.

Investment Platform

Our P2P investment platform empowers investors to swiftly evaluate and approve borrowers' loans through an AI-backed algorithm. This algorithm assesses the risk associated with each loan and predicts the potential return.

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