KLXO, the native token of the Kelexo network, serves as the central component of the platform's ecosystem. This token offers diverse utilities and rewards to its holders, emphasizing its crucial role within the Kelexo Network. The following outlines the key facets of the token's structure, functionality, and the benefits it brings to the holders.

Token Details









Presale Supply


Initital Price


Token Utilities

Lower Fees

By holding KLXO, users can enjoy reduced fees on our platform, including transaction fees and loan origination fees.

Access to Premium Features

Holders of KLXO also enjoy access to premium features on our platform, encompassing advanced analytics and investment tools.

Exclusive Rewards

We offer exclusive rewards for KLXO holders, including early access to new loan listings and other special offers.

Increased Investment Returns

KLXO holders can receive increased investment returns on our platform, with higher interest rates on their invested funds.

Vesting Period

Once the presale finshes all KLXO presale tokens will be vested for a period of 5 weeks. Each week users will recieve a 20% airdrop for 5 weeks, this ensures there isnt an oversupply of tokens on the market straighaway and will help protect the price. The first airdrop will occur 5 days after the inital token launch on UniSwap. Team tokens will be locked for 500 days while liquidity will be locked for life.

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